Self Love Anthem after Drug Detox

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Black and white picture of Street Fever. Black clothes

Street Fever is a super talented, diverse performance artist from Boise, Idaho, who likes to keep things mysterious.

Their music is a vibrant symphony crafted from rich life adventures and sonic discoveries. With roots in the sounds of Three 6 Mafia from their early days, and a journey through the DIY hardcore scene, their diverse background is a wellspring of inspiration from hardcore, heavy rap, industrial techno, EBM, noise, electro, techno, and classical music.

Street Fever is known for their unique sonic escape incorporating elements of hardcore, rap, industrial techno, EBM, noise, electro, pop and classical music. With a life of resilience, the artist has overcome being held in a Thai prison, a mental health breakdown, drug detox and more. The artist has garnered a dedicated fanbase garnering millions of streams and is set to play the Treefort Music Festival and open for HEALTH.

Rooted in an ongoing spiritual awakening, Street Fever is on a wildly cinematic path to better understand themselves as an artist, spiritual seeker, and human being. After overcoming challenges and setbacks, this project has been reborn and is now empowered to share their inspiring story of recovery and growth. Let’s celebrate their journey and the positivity they bring to others seeking personal and spiritual growth.

Street Fever warmly welcomes you into their world of art and sound, striking a perfect balance between passion and spiritual growth. Join them on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment through their inspiring creations.

Their newest single «Fate» beautifully explores themes of self-love, desire, and embracing our true selves. It’s a heartfelt reminder to dive deeper into self-love and connect with a love that transcends us. Let the song guide you through the dance of desire and presence, as you embody your purest form with love and acceptance.


20-24 March 2024: Boise, ID Treefort Music Festival
6 April 2024: San Diego, CA Modern Wav w/ HEALTH, PANTHER MODERN

Written by: News Room