Noah Elliott causing a stir in the indie music world

today28/03/2024 133

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Noah Elliott blond hair,thye have a black shirt on.

Indie artist Noah Elliott has recently dropped their long-awaited second EP, «Even Still».

With a distinctive mix of intimate tunes, simple arrangements, and reflective spoken word, Noah takes listeners on a personal exploration of connection, solitude, and self-discovery.

At only 23 years old, Noah Elliott is already causing a stir in the indie music world with their sincere and candid songwriting style. Their first EP, «I’m Still Breathing», which came out in July 2022, was widely praised for its openness and genuineness. Now, with «Even Still», Noah is further exploring themes of mental well-being and queer identity, pushing the limits even more.

«’Even Still’ is an intimate exploration of the various shapes heartbreak takes», says Noah Elliott. «It’s not just about romantic relationships; it’s about loss, grief, and absence. The EP captures the disbelief and numbness that often accompany these experiences, inviting listeners to confront their own emotions in a safe and inclusive space».

The EP’s lead single, «Waiting For Something» provides a poignant exploration of heartbreak and the desire for freedom. Through its haunting melodies and relatable lyrics, the song demonstrates Noah’s talent for evoking strong emotions in their music.

On the song, Noah says:

«This song is about the disbelief, the numbness that comes with that. About wanting to break open and letting it all out, but being held back somehow, being stuck. The outro/bridge is meant to build and build, but never quite release the tension».

Written by: News Room