Beljune drops emotional alt-R&B track «Glass Half Full (feat. Leo Bormans)»

today26/03/2024 39

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Beljune sitting with green background - having a black and grey vest leaning forward.

Following «Poison» and «Poster Boy» that landed on various Spotify editorial playlists like Fresh Finds (1.2m followers) and GLOW (the best new music from LGBTQ+ artists).

Birmingham-born London-based singer-songwriter Beljune (a pseudonym combining his Nan’s names) is back with the smooth «Glass Half Full» featuring a sample from Leo Bormans’ TED Talk on humanity’s continuous pursuit of happiness.

Blessed with a super smooth voice, «Glass Half Full» has Beljune sharing heartfelt vocals over groovy music, chill beats, and a sexy bassline. The song was inspired by a moment at his local train station, where he saw a stranger crying while holding a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. It really made him think about living in the moment and «take it as it comes» (a shoutout to the classic Doors’ song). This track gets real about mental health and shows how Beljune is working on himself.

He explains, «My head is often so stuck in the future and in a particularly anxious period of my life. It’s a mentality shift I recognised I needed, to try and be more present, to take it all as it comes, tap into that glass half full mentality more. As much as it’s a positive message, it’s a reminder to myself to keep doing that work».

Written by: News Room