Renowned harpist blends folk-pop with heartfelt echoes

today27/03/2024 74

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Stephanie Babirak sitting with her harp in a black dress.

Stephanie Babirak, acclaimed folk-pop artist and classical harpist, releases her newest single, «Waves and Whispers».

«Waves and Whispers» really nails that beachy folk-pop vibe, you know? The tunes are so haunting and the lyrics are just full of heart. Babirak’s harp melodies mixed with those emotional vocals really hit you in the feels. The song dives into love, loss, and the hurt of being apart from someone. It’s like Babirak poured their own heartache into this track, especially since it was written during a time of deep self-reflection. You can just feel the pain of not being able to talk to someone you care about.

«This song started off as just a little melody on the harp. I hadn’t written a song for over a decade (I was pursuing a career as a classical harpist) and this was the melody that brought me back to songwriting…and I’ve written many songs since!»

– Stephanie Babirak, NYC-Based Singer-Songwriter/Harpist

In «Waves and Whispers», Stephanie Babirak pours her heart out with beautiful melodies and touching lyrics. She opens up about how the song came from a tough time of feeling disconnected from a loved one. You can feel the mix of sadness and hope in every note and word. Babirak’s music really captures the emotions of heartbreak and healing, taking you on a deep emotional ride.

«Whether you are going through a breakup or have lost someone or are choosing not to speak to someone, I think we all have the experience of the pain of not being able to talk to someone you love very much and having every little mundane thing remind you of them».

– Stephanie Babirak, NYC-Based Singer-Songwriter/Harpist

So, «Waves and Whispers» is just such a gem, you know? Babirak really shines as a musician and storyteller with those heartfelt lyrics and catchy tunes. And to top it off, Peter Scoma, Babirak’s buddy, brings in that extra magic with his guitar and vocals.



Written by: News Room