Thursday, September 21, 2023

Nick Vaan releases new EP «Magnificent Obsession»

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«Magnificent Obsession»,' Nick Vaan's new EP, is now available. The six-song EP is the Chicago-based producer and musician's third release.

Nick Vaan is the work’s sole writer, producer, and performer, and it is his most authentic, sonically rich project to date. «Magnificent Obsession» is a playful reflection on identity and manifestation, as opposed to his 2017 album «Rituals», which was a witches brew of guitar solos and black magic.

Nick effortlessly transports you from the mundane to the astral plane. Shred Hooks are Pop Hooks. Deeply felt poetry. The Masculine and Feminine in Holy Unity.

This album is dedicated to anyone who knows they are MAGIC, according to Nick. It contains the manifestations of my dreams, hopes, fears, knowledge, and subconscious goo. This is a present. It’s all there. This is my Wonderful Obsession. I’m hoping you can sense it.

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