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Watch out for MKSM’s new single this Friday

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MSKM releases the next precursor of the new EP «Feelings Of A Misfit» (release:date 28/10/22) on on 09/09/22.

Only those who know the lows can also appreciate the highs – the opener of the new MKSM EP shows this in a particularly impressive way.

«One Of My Demons» is a musical striptease of the soul doesn’t merely give you goosebumps with its haunting vocals, softly played piano melodies and a throbbing beat pattern. While MKSM confronts personal fears here, the lyrics also speak of emotional fathoms we all have to dive into at some point in life.

We all know them: the inner voices that tell us what to do, what to think, what to feel. These demons are not grimaces with wings, but subtle thought patterns that we follow often enough, without even realising it. Then we stagger through the light as if blindfolded. But especially in the darkest hours we should not always believe everything we think.

A credo that MKSM internalised early in life. In order to chase his dream of being a musician, the charismatic singer, songwriter, violinist and activist has had to cope with and take on a lot as an openly gay Russian late repatriate who grew up in Ukraine: whether it was breaking through cultural conventions, struggling with eating disorders or the everyday language barriers as a stutterer.

Release date 9 September 2022 on all major music streaming services.

His new single «One Of My Demons» is also dedicated to this rocky path and the lessons learned from it. Thematically, the focus is on a one sided, exploitative relationship. But it is also about the relationship to fears and self-doubt, which may stem from it sooner or later: «Blowing up fears just to stay on my mind». MKSM deliberately shows his vulnerable side here to encourage all those who know these feelings. Nobody should feel excluded! He challenges you to face your own demons.

The impressive music video was shot in black and white, hypnotic images in neo noir style. In it, MKSM confronts his demons. When he looks into the camera at the end, the battle seems to be won.

Written by: News Room