MKSM has released a new single, «Tracks in minor»

today08/07/2022 8

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MKSM tracks in minor

Intoxicating up-tempo sound, the typical UK garage beat, melodies carried by his violin, and lyrics that go straight to the heart.

his new song «Tracks in minor», MKSM isn’t just releasing a declaration of love to melancholy and pop-songs in minor. The urban, danceable track details insecurities and fears that everyone can identify with.

Bright images from England, MKSM perform at «Cheltenham Pride in the Park»; the mood is wild and rowdy — then a cut: Him alone at a nearly empty intersection in Cheltenham, one-take, and just a few effects. Nothing else was needed to capture the feeling of the track in a visualiser.

With the lyrics he describes, among other things, a kind of hide-and-seek we play with ourselves — wasted talent, missing chances — and then he reminds himself I used to avoid doing things because I was too afraid of doing them wrong or of how other people would react. Run away from the familiar to start over again – until you find yourself again, somewhere new, on your own. Being carried by his own demands of himself, he sings «pushing through with no exception».

Just let go and feel what takes place inside of us – to pop-songs in minor. The «Tracks in minor», «they help me heal» he sings and reminds himself – and us – not to lose ourselves and not to lie to ourselves. The song takes us on the journey to ourselves. «Dive into my pain», the confrontation of that which we feel doesn’t yet solve our problems, but allows us to begin questioning ourselves and reflecting on our feelings, and that is where the healing begins.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud