MKSM new single «Shared Room» out tomorrow !

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MKSM stands for Maksim – name of the charismatic singer, songwriter, violinist, and LGBTIQ+ activist. As an openly gay repatriate, he has lived in Russia, in the Ukraine, in Frankfurt and in London, and lives at present in Berlin.

MKSM is releasing «Shared Room» on May 6th – a groovy love song in the style of Lauv highlighted by rhythmic guitars, MKSM’s violin and smooth synth sounds. Here, MKSM paints an autobiographical love story that flourishes in spite of society’s norms and established rules.

«This song is really special to me because it is, on the one hand autobiographical, the first single of my second EP, and on the other hand the first song where I sing about a BOY… I needed to take my time to take this step and I’m really proud to finally get there. That’s why it feels right to publicly introduce my real partner in the video – that felt the most natural to me! I love the mix of my soft vocals and the groovy and warm arrangement, and of course it had to have a little hook from my violin! But in this case we also played with some effects so that the song sounds really exciting and fresh», said MKSM.

The music video is in Super 8 format and was filmed with a warm, nostalgic look that suits the sound. It consists of documentary-style scenes of a long-term queer relationship and shows MKSM with his husband and their young puppy for the very first time. What began with Two Boys in One Room has now become two men in an old apartment in Berlin, who after the new same-sex marriage law of 2017 are happily married.

I’ve pre-listen and pre-watched the music video, it’s beautiful pop tune and love how MKSM are using his voice in this tune – this tune fits his voice very well! The music video follows the story line of the lyrics, it emphasise the meaning of the lyrics – love music videos that do that – that tells a story – like a short film. 

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While waiting on the release of «Shared Room» you can listen previously release songs below.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud