Elina Filice and Claudia Crampton Team Up For Emotive Alternative R&B Track


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Singer/songwriter Elina Filice and spoken word artist/rapper Claudia Crampton have teamed up for an emotive alternative R&B track, «Lying».

The song combines a modern hip-hop beat with alternative elements and Elina’s jazz-influenced guitar & bass playing. Claudia’s clever rhymes and quick flow contrasts with Elina’s spoken-word style verse, and the hook features layered harmonies and vintage keys.

Elina says, «Fascination with the concept of Lying inspired the song. So much of our lives, on a small and large scale, with how we relate to ourselves and each other, is based on lies. The lies we tell ourselves to get by, the lies we tell to either harm or protect each other».

Claudia says, «My verses narrate the story of a relationship that has had its many ups and downs but has ultimately reached its end. The verses reflect the turmoil and hardship that come with an unfaithful partner and the difficulties in coping with the heartache».

Both queer and female artists, the pair met at an open mic in Dublin and hit it off. While sitting by the Molly Malone statue having the chats, Elina showed Claudia a voice memo she had of the guitar loop, while singing the hook overtop. A few days later Claudia sent over an absolutely fire first verse, and Elina was blown away by her ease of flow and lyrical style.

The song was recorded, produced and mixed by Kevin Brennan of Wavefarm Productions. It was mastered by Anton Graef-Weber.

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Written by: Ephram St. Cloud