Binoy – «Silver Lake»

today12/01/2021 2

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Based in LA and hailing from Kenya, the enchanting new pop artist Binoy is getting ready to take the music industry by storm with his exciting new single «Silver Lake».

Released after the warm response to his latest pop ballad, «Cruel Intentions».

In comparison with its predecessor, «Silver Lake» is a delicate and impassioned ballad led by an intricate blend of guitar melodies and a slow electronic synth echoing throughout. Infused with a sense of sorrowful longing laced with a burning ache for a great love. The atmosphere of «Silver Lake» is a perfect example of the ethereal soundscape Binoy has honed throughout his career so far.

Floating away on the ocean-like synths packed with yearning, Binoy had a different writing experience working on «Silver Lake» than with any other single before:

«I usually take a while, maybe two or three weeks, to fully write a song. ‘Silver Lake’ was different in that I wrote the whole song in one sitting without ever getting up from the piano. It feels whimsical and full of escapism, like a painting on the wall slowly coming to life with its characters swaying into one another. I live in a neighbourhood called Silver Lake, but the image I started with quickly turned into a metaphor for young and ephemeral love that seems only to exist in flashes».

Having graduated from university in London, Binoy aims to capture and convey his every emotion, from infatuation to heartbreak and self-discovery, within all of his music. By writing and co-producing he effortlessly creates infectious and emotionally tumultuous tracks that captivate the listener from the opening bar. Showcasing his endless potential, «Silver Lake» is yet another enthralling release from one of the most exciting pop artists the world over.

Take a listen to pop music balm to your ears, called «Silver Lake» below.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud