TIX won Melodi Grand Prix because of voting issues

today20/02/2021 1

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Tonight NRK held their yearly final of Melodi Grand Prix, Norways selection for Eurovsion, and the mediocre «Fallen Angel» by Tix won instead of the favourite «Monument» by KEiiNO.

Several viewers again had trouble voting for their favourites in the Melodi Grand Prix final Norwegian newspaper VG reports.

But it should not have affected the result according to the host broadcaster NRK – where the artist Tix went to the top. But how do NRK know it didn’t affect the result ? when several thousands had issues to vote – the only way to vote was login in to NRK account and vote – this was certify only Norwegian could vote.  But still it’s unclear how big the voting issue are the broadcaster admits to the newspaper, so could it not affect who won ?

Read : KEiiNO lost the ticket to Eurovison to a mediocre pop song by Tix !


Written by: Ephram St. Cloud