Middle – «Waist Down»

today24/02/2021 1

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«Waist Down» is written, produced, mixed and mastered by the artist, Middle.

The song was recorded minimalistically at her home studio. The inspiration of the song came from many elements of what it can be like working in the music industry (sex, drugs, egocentricity) and meeting people at elitist parties that are only interested in selfish, lustful connections.

«Waist Down» follows an interaction where the singer encounters a hedonist woman with views that don’t align with their own however the singer is still attracted to her. Middle sings lyrics like, «..I’ll love you from the waist down but I can’t be the one to lift you up», «..if I let you, you’ll take it all and leave me hollow. I’ll love you right till the morning» aware that she is succumbing to temptation but still declaring that she will not be one to be used for any other benefits or advancements.

Take a listen to Middle’s «Waist Down» below, if you want it on LGBTQ Music Chart you need to vote here.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud