White Noise Fanatics new single «You and I»

today17/03/2021 1

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White Noise Fanatics

White Noise Fanatics (Aled Price and Robert New) are Portsmouth based songwriter/musicians fusing their love of all things pop, synths and catchy hooks into their music.

Formed in 2018 after toying with writing some music the boys quickly realised they worked well together fusing Aled’s lead vocals and lyrics with Robert’s music productions.

After enjoying local success with their first string of singles they came back in 2019 during Lockdown as a way to channel creativity to offset the COVID lockdown negativity and released a couple of tester experimental singles that were different in sound and style to their debut offerings. They then returned to the studio to start creating new music for an upcoming 2021 LP release.

«You and I» is the lead single from the yet to be titled new record. It’s a fun, upbeat positive hook. We need that right now. More than ever. Grounded in synths, 80’s arps and big gated snare drums the song has a driving rhythm combined with Aled’s power vocals on lead.

The music video was shot under the cover of darkness in Old Portsmouth to recreate scenes inspired by Neon Punk and Blade Runner futuristic city-scapes. The boys both love New York City so wanted to find a way visually to connect the ever-expanding Portsmouth high-rise skyline with the NYC cityscape, but with a neon punk twist.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud