Jared Alto and his vulnerability on debut single «Open»


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Jared Alto

East-London based queer singer and songwriter Jared Alto shares his majestic debut single «Open».

Harnessing his vulnerability, the single is a tender reminder to appreciate the smaller moments in life before they become just a memory.

Interwoven with his ethereal vocals, «Open» unravels a tapestry of stellar production from producer Olly Shelton and emotive lyrics crafted from Alto’s honest songwriting talents. Contrasting intimate and expansive moments, the single is a reflective piece of melancholic pop laced with intricate piano and rising melodies. With an abundance of introspective integrity, «Open» is a genuine and sincere account into the need of holding on to those special periods of time.

«The song is about appreciating the little moments in life, the ones we tend to take for granted with someone»,  explains Alto. «It shows glimpses of things that would never make it on a social media feed. When I wrote the lyrics, I couldn’t shift the thought that we only stop to remember little details once it’s too late. And when it is too late, we’re haunted by the doubts and regrets».

Discovering his vocal talent after drunkenly contacting a vocal coach late one night on Gumtree, Jared’s chronic overthinking – something which has often caused him set backs – has lead him to creating some incredible music that makes you reflect, remember and most importantly, feel. Alto’s truthful lyrics and vulnerable vocals are what make this debut feel so special.

«Open» is only the first in a series of releases from Jared Alto, so put him on your radar and keep him there. There’s plenty more to come.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud