Hen’s «Devil’s Sound»

today05/05/2021 1

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Rising pop sensation HEN drops his latest epic «Devil’s Sound», 80’s-inspired and synth led.

Partnering up on production with the experienced Yoad Nevo, who’s worked with Sia, Pet Shop Boys and Goldfrapp to name a few, «Devil’s Sound»i s bold and bright. Featuring a minute-long, futuristic, choral intro, it does not hold back, bringing in thumping electronic bass and sweeping drums. Adding in disco guitar-strums and ambient background synth, Hen’s strong vocals lead with the melodic and super catchy hook.

He explains «Devil’s Sound» is a gospel-disco mashup about losing faith and turning to vice. «Further divulging his aims as an artist, he states that “with my current body of music I want to tap into this simmering, unpredictable queer rage that America has feared and fallen in love with a million times over».

Hen himself, real name Henry Kaye, is a producer and singer-songwriter from Brooklyn. Representing the queer community with his music he harks back to a rich history of synth-lead genius’, including the Pet Shop Boys. On his music, Hen hopes to «make something new from the sum of many parts. This song is a Frankenstein monster of references, all of which are ultimately about the outcast».

With a successful EP «Velvet Rage» and previous release «Roll Back» under his belt, as well as coverage from a Grindr takeover, he is well on his way to a bright future, and «Devil’s Sound» is sure to help him there.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud