Thursday, September 21, 2023

Fredrik O – «Can’t Let You Go Like That»

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Ephram St. Cloud
Ephram St. Cloud
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Fredrik Olofsson one half of hit Pop duo Man Meadow releases a solo single this time around.

Man Meadow competed in the Polish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song «Viva la Musica» and came in third place.

A year later, they again participated in the Polish competition and then with the song «Love is Gonna Get You», which came in sixth place.

Both songs were written by Thomas G: son. (Winner of Eurovison Song Contest with the song «Euphoria» with Loreen).

There were 10 singles and now it’s time for number 11 in the order, but now as a solo artist.

Fredrik Olofsson has a long career in showbiz. Swedes have seen him as an actor in a soap opera. As a dancer in Eurovison Song Contest & Choreographer in the Swedish Melodifestivalen,

In the Eurovision Song Contest he danced behind Belarus’s Koldun «Work your magic» & Ukrainian Ani Lorak with the song «Shady Lady». Most recently he worked as director of «Persia’s Got Talent».

The new song, «Can’t Let You Go Like That», has a strong melody and the lyrics are about a love relationship where one has chosen to leave and move on.

«Can’t Let You Go Like That» is written by Multi Platinum Award-winning songwriter Chris Meyer & Dawn Elektra and is produced by Chris Meyer. Both are well known to several number 1 K-Pop artists.

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