Saturday, September 30, 2023

Agustín Malandra new album «rePUTAción»

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Ephram St. Cloud
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This Deluxe edition will feature 4 new songs and 2 sickening remixes! Make sure to save the date! «rePUTAción» is a personal yet activist and controversial album, hitting topics such as sexuality, explicit relationships, LGBTQ activism and breakups.

The first single is «Todes Estamos En Una» a song where Agustín Malandra throws shade to the false awakened ones in this times of pandemic, spilling tea about not being a delusional person and try to make the best to take care of the society.

Agustín is an Argentinian singer, songwriter and activist for the LGBTQ rights, they is the head of «Orgullo Salto» (@orgullosalto), an organisation who fights for the LGBTQ rights in their hometown.

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