Niko releases Italian-English heartfelt record «Dance Again»

today09/06/2021 4

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A-based Euro Pop artist NIKO takes us on an uplifting sonic journey with his new track «Dance Again».

Inspired by classic 90s trance, Niko’s graceful vocals, effortlessly interchanging between Italian and English, soar atop the synth leads and groovy bass line in a track fit for any dance floor.

Niko says that «Dance Again», «is a song about feeling nostalgic. It was written at the height of the pandemic when I was missing my loved ones who were thousands of miles away. The track can be interpreted very literally (wishing we could go out dancing like we used to), however, for me, the song’s message goes beyond that. It’s about leaving your home to pursue your dreams, feeling homesick, and looking back on a time when life seemed a little more carefree».

Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Niko dreamed of making pop music ever since he discovered it. Growing up in a household where the radio was always on, his love for music was informed by icons such as Madonna, Britney Spears and George Michael. Fuelled by his passion, Niko formed a band and started performing in local venues in Milan. But it wasn’t until he experienced nightlife, that he discovered a love for dance music: a new door opened, and he started working with DJs as a vocalist. He eventually signed with a label, and flew to the UK to work with producers in London and Manchester on his debut album.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud