Vulnerable Emotions and Angsty Frustration


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PinkFiz is an 18 year old punk pop artist from Cambridgeshire.

Having previously performed as part of other bands, the musician started her solo project during lockdown 2.0, as a way to continue writing and creating while stuck in isolation. PinkFiz represents female empowerment and the songwriters pride in being an independent female artist and producer.

Her upcoming EP «The World Of Pinkfiz», features four pop-punk tracks all giving a glimpse into the emotions and life experiences of PinkFiz. The musician explains, «’The World Of PinkFiz’ is an insight into my life and I want the listener to feel like they’re stepping into my shoes for 11 minutes».

Produced, recorded and written all by the artist herself, the EP is a passion project and an outlet to release her inner-frustrations and feelings. The EP has a delicate glaze over the electric, powerful punk infusion, creating a picture of both vulnerable emotions and angsty frustration. She confides, «I wrote the songs about different eras of my life so far and it’s based on a lot of bottled up anger. I felt this was the right way to release that emotion and honestly the easiest way for me to talk about things that have bothered me for a long time».

«Pleaser» has a zesty rhythm and a quirky, muffled electric guitar that carries the tension and emotion through it’s changing melody. The single takes a turn at the end with a darker, prowling array of riffs and pounding, clashes of electrifying drums. Written about the pressures of being liked and the feeling of pretending to be someone else for other people’s satisfaction, the track covers a range of sub-topics. The latter of the single touches on the representation of hiding behind a fabricated person to avoid dealing with issues such as mental health.

«The Sequel» is a continuation of chords from «Pleaser», hence the deliberately apt title. The single speaks about a bad friendship, as PinkFiz explains, «I let this person overtake my life, I cared about them more than they cared about me. I would always be their number one advocate but they weren’t that for me». The track has a slower, more intense feeling to the previous track, with the verses slinking around the drums in a gritty, dark tone before the energetic drums bring in a swirling pool of haunting harmonies and raw vocals.

«Not The Only One» is the third pop-punk power track off «The World Of Pinkfiz». This is an empowering single about sexuality, a track about letting the horrible things people say roll off your back. «Not The Only One» also draws on the unity in the LGBTQ+ community, with the title reflecting that you are never alone. PinkFiz shares, «This song is for anyone in the LGBTQ+ community who doesn’t have that immediate support bubble to let them know they’re not alone even if they feel it». The track is brimming in character and exhilarating energy, as the riffs twang with confidence, giving off a mighty atmosphere. The chorus is highly singable and packs a punch of motivation and uplifting comfort.

Then there is the lead single «Did I Ask?» Touching on female consent, it is inspired by the riot grrrl scene and other feminist punk music and oozes with attitude and badass femininity. Refusing to stay silent, PinkFiz is acting as a voice, emphasising the importance of standing up for equality and putting an end to sexual harassment.

With the hopes to make listeners feel invincible and capable of anything, PinkFiz will help you feel like you’re stomping on top of the world. Having garnered support from BBC Introducing, PinkFiz is storming to the forefront with «The World Of Pinkfiz».

Take a listen to the EP «The World Of Pinkfiz» below!

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud