Ralphy’s latest single «Pretend»


From its fresh, upbeat opening notes, Ralphy’s latest single «Pretend» is here to show you that there’s nothing that can break this artist’s stride!

Teaming up with songwriter Matthieu McReina, Ralphy was joined in-studio by producer C.F.Sullivan, with beat contributions by Canadian-based Yuri Buzynnik (her previous collaborator on‘Hesitate’), to deliver this groovy synth-pop bop that has all the dance-y retro stylings you’ve come to know and love from Ralphy’s eclectic genre-bending.

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From the chorus awash with sparkling synths to the driving, disco backbeat throughout, «Pretend» has you feeling like you’re right back out for a night on the town. This song is all about taking back your confidence: the opening lines lay out the struggle of falling for someone who’s only interested in playing with your emotions, and Ralphy’s vocals capture all the tumultuous feelings of one-sided love, punchy and self-assured even as she sings the heartbreaking refrain, «I know that your love’s pretend».But then a switch occurs: instead of showing up at the cool-blooded lover’s front door, they’re showing up at yours, begging to be let in «just one more» time. The feisty chorus, Here I am» transforms from plaintive to triumphant in a total boost that comes from moving on from someone who only wants you when you’re over them.

This track is the mood-lift we all need to step back into our power and fall in love with ourselves – no pretending needed.

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