TIN – «Firm»


Following his last music video covering ‘NSYNC’s iconic track «Bye Bye Bye» with a raunchy music video, Australian singer songwriter, TIN ramps up the steam with his first original track in three years titled «Firm».

The reggaeton inflected dance-pop anthem with theme of coming out and sexual awakening.

«’Firm’ is about the moment that I realised I was gay. Personally, I find kissing men to be firmer than kissing women and I wanted to put the moment of realising that sexual preference into a song. This song is for anyone who is still discovering their own sexuality, to know that it doesn’t have to be daunting and scary – that it can actually be exciting and freeing».

The song includes the Spanish lyrics ‘hay un Hercules dentro de mi’ which translates to ‘there is a Hercules inside of me’. This is a tongue-in-cheek double entendre, signifying the strength it takes to fully express oneself as well as the literal interpretation of making love to an alpha type.

«My love of Latin culture really inspired this song. As well as the reggaeton beat, the song has moments of sensuality and playfulness as that’s what the culture is to me. I worked hard to find Spanish lyrics that fit and even harder to get the pronunciation right so I’m hoping I do my Spanish-speaking fans proud!»

In the electrifying video, TIN and friends are decked out in international underwear brand, Andrew Christian, as they go from a camp carwash to a provocative pool party. Not short of heated moments.

Photo by Alex @ Decaf Photography

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