Yaniza Recalls Dating Trouble With New Single «Bouquet»

today23/08/2021 1

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Singer-songwriter Yaniza is continuing her romantic streak with her latest single «Bouquet».

Finding the balance between relatability and deeply personal lyrics, Yaniza recounts the feeling of hopelessness she sometimes experiences when searching for a life partner. «I had so many experiences with guys where they were super into me in the beginning and all of a sudden completely lost interest», she says. «Leaving me confused and heartbroken», The single feels like the sister to her previous single «I love you», following the same style of contrasting feelings from the song’s start to finish. While «I love you» begins bubbly and light, «Bouquet» starts with ruminating and ends with hope.

«I’m wondering when will I catch the bouquet? I’ve been waiting for somebody to say ‘I love you’».

Led along by a gentle acoustic melody, listeners are greeted by Yaniza’s sweet vocals that feel reminiscent of legendary love song artists like Taylor Swift. Unsurprisingly, Yaniza makes a firm stance in romance to never settle. Being a hopeless romantic can be a blessing and a curse, and she has certainly experienced both sides. She admits to feeling beaten down by dating experiences and wanting to give up, but she always perseveres through the pain to grow towards her life partner. She hopes fans will find encouragement in love through her music. «The right person is waiting out there and they are going to be so glad you waited for them instead of settling», says Yaniza. This new romantic era for Yaniza is exciting as it unlocks a new level to her songwriting and depths of lyrical messages. Fans are sure to feel an immediate connection to the singer’s experiences and find support in her vulnerability.

Yaniza is a Jewish, biracial, and bilingual pop singer-songwriter from New York City! She sings in English and Spanish and usually has a huge smile on her face. Yaniza’s tunes bring joy and sunshine to its listeners through catchy lyrics over ukulele or acoustic guitar. Her self-directed music videos also captivate her audience through images of positivity and happiness.

Yaniza initially grew her fanbase by posting acoustic covers of pop songs on YouTube, which consistently garner tens of thousands of views. Her years of hard work brought her thousands of supporters across social media platforms, with over 10,000 on YouTube alone. Yaniza’s covers have gained attention from popular sites such as PopSugar and Glamour in 2020.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud