TIN Claps Back with New Diss Track «Weasel» This Friday

today30/08/2021 12

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Australian pop singer songwriter, TIN, has come out with what could be his most aggressive track to date.

A trap-pop moment sampling the infamous (and annoying) nursery rhyme, POP! Goes the «Weasel», TIN shows us that he is not all camp and sex appeal as he did in his last track, «Firm».

«One day, the idea popped into my head that I could re-write POP! Goes the ‘Weasel’ and use it as a chorus. At the time, I had a friend who had been dragging me and my music to our friends and I decided to make this track about him and my resentment towards him».

The music video for «Weasel» borrows nostalgic aesthetics from 90’s educational children’s TV shows. There are moments where TIN flaunts his knack for arts and crafts including a homemade book titled ‘TIN’s Handy Guide to Weasels’ and a picture made out of rice saying «I DON’T KNOW HER», referencing the infamous Mariah Carey quote about Jennifer Lopez.

«Almost everything I wrote is referencing something that actually happened. Even the line ‘you’re frontin’ cos your boy is stacked – but in my video he’s dancing on me’ is talking about how his boyfriend was a dancer in my last music video, ‘Firm’».

«Weasel» closes with a friendly voice (who we’re told is TIN’s husband, Lostchild) asking children what the lesson of the day is. We’ll have to let you find out for yourself so you can also learn how to handle a weasel in your life.

I got the chance to pre listen to TIN’s new single «Weasel» and even pre watch the music video, and it’s a song you easily can catch your self singing – so get ready to the release of the new single!

«Weasel» will be available to watch at and will be available on all streaming services from Friday 3rd September 2021!

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud