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Watch Kate Gill performs her new single «Barbie & Ken» at NYC Pride 2021

today01/09/2021 7

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Kate Gill

Australian singer-songwriter Kate Gill's performance of «Barbie & Ken» at 2021 NYC Pride Youth Pride.

Said gill, «Seeing how many people resonate with the song on TikTok has been insane, I’m so excited for everyone to hear the whole track!».

From making original songs and covers of pop songs, Kate first gained popularity on TikTok in 2020. Growing up in Queensland, Australia, she developed an interest in songwriting in her early teens and began performing live at local cafes from the age of 16.

Now 20, Kate’s eclectic indie pop sound has been widely recognised in her debut song «Barbie & Ken», a touching personal story about a close friend. Since posting a clip of the song in May, the song has been praised amongst the LGBTQI+ community as a coming out anthem and celebration of individuality.

After the success of ken&barbie, Kate was prompted to write and record and alternate version of the track, titled «Barbie & Ken».The song works in partnership with her first single, following the same melody but a telling different story. Across different social and streaming platforms, the variations of the track now have 24 million views combined.

These debut tracks are just the beginning of Kate’s music. Spending most of her free time writing, Kate has plenty of heartfelt music to be shared. As she continues to find her own unique sound, Kate hopes to release an EP in the near future.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud