Sunday, December 10, 2023

TIN Unleashes His Drag Persona for New Single «Stung»

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Ephram St. Cloud
Ephram St. Cloud
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Following the release of his trap-pop diss track, «Weasel», TIN continues the ferocity with new single, «Stung».

To compliment the sassiness of Stung, the Australian singer songwriter (and hotness) garbs up in drag alongside some of the fiercest queens London has to offer. All of whom are donning glamorous dresses from Dragitude.Com, a brand new online store for drag artists.

«’Stung’ is about not being underestimated and not putting up with other people’s rubbish. I wrote it after a night out at a trashy club in Brisbane, having met so many gay men who were taking themselves way too seriously. I get exhausted by people who are arrogant with nothing to show and I wanted to write something a bit tongue in cheek about the experience».

The video opens with TIN and fellow queens Polka Dot, Le Fil, Coco Couture and JVST TINA who have ended up at the wrong venue and are heckled by a group of chavvy white men. Throughout the video, we see scenes of these men being dominated by the queens leading to a closing shot where the queens walk out triumphantly.

«In the spirit of the video, I wanted to do something unexpected and that’s when being in drag came to mind. I’ve never done anything like this before and so having an amazing cast and team made a huge difference. I was fortunate enough to get my face done by one of my favourite queens, Miss Asia Thorne and the man I have tied up is my own husband and producer, Lostchild».

There are humorous moments throughout the video that cleverly portray the message of the song and the distinct personalities of the queens beautifully shine through. «Stung» is out on 15th of October on and available on all streaming services.

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