Sadie Cannon Celebrates Romance With Playful Pop Single «A Whole Life»

today11/11/2021 20

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Sadie Cannon

Independent pop singer-songwriter Sadie Cannon dazzles listeners with her beyond charming new single, «A Whole Life».

Released with a complimentary humorous-yet-glam music video, the artist delivers a charismatic showcase of her relatable tendency to consistently find her way back in cupid’s line of sight. The perfect anthem for any hopeless romantic, «A Whole Life» delves into the experience of falling hard and fast. This track served as an opportunity for Cannon to celebrate – and truly embrace – what she thought was one of her biggest flaws. With stylings characteristic of icons like Olivia O’Brien, Tate McRae and JoJo, Cannon demonstrates her ability to create relatable, authentic anthems executed with style.

Groovy lo-fi electric guitar lays a silky foundation for this track, later invigorated by a punchy beat; Cannon’s honeyed vocals, despite the presence of catchy instrumentation, never fail to grab the spotlight. From the warmth of her tone, to her pitch perfect runs, the Los Angeles transplant meets listeners with swagger, authenticity, and elegance. Cannon sings in the song’s anthemic chorus, «I can make a movie from a moment, hold onto your word aimlessly hopin», in regards to how easy it can be to get carried away by romantic pursuits. «A Whole Life» was written in collaboration with songwriters Dezi and Matteo Scher, and was mixed and mastered by Zach Pennington. Additional contributors include Max Huebel, Asher Postman, and Tate Gardner.

Cannon delivers an exquisite compliment to «A Whole Life» with the accompanying music video. The video – while maintaining an endearing playfulness – exudes glamor and tells an enticing story. Viewers follow Cannon through a sequence of daydreaming about different love interests; It starts with the effervescent blonde falling for a cute boy at the pool, and takes a major turn when she becomes hospitalised, to inevitably fall for her doctor. This music video perfectly captures the imagination of someone who can’t resist indulging in romantic daydreams. For Cannon, «the feeling of love, the concept of love, the idea that love is around every corner. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to get overly-excited. We should celebrate this quirky-characteristic and admit that sometimes we fall smitten a little early, and that’s okay».

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud