Jxckson calls for a forbidden down-low rendezvous with new single


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Emerging Austin pop singer and dancer Jxckson makes his comeback with the seductive new single, «The Low» - which explores the anticipation of a late-night call and impending forbidden down-low rendezvous.

«The Low» marks Jxckson’s third track produced by Chicago-native producer, Chetameister. Featuring Jxckson’s signature pop-fusion approach – «The Low» mixes alt-pop with lo-fi sounds, dial tone samples, and sultry speaking moments.

Austin-based independent pop artist Jxckson delivers his best lines with a smirk. Jxckson describes his sound as «Pop Fusion» – taking the foundation of pop music and experimenting with different sound elements like hip hop and rock.

Jxckson are back with a new single «The Low» and you’re easily seduced by this tune and it’s perfect to be used to seduce your lover…. Take a listen below and you’ll find previous release tunes too.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud