New Gay Music «Outed On Friday!» – Week 03 – 2022

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Outed On Friday!

It’s the end of a work week and that means, new music are released – so here is this week’s «Outed On Friday!».

5 new songs are ready to challenge the 50 songs on the LGBTQ Music Chart from Monday. For the challengers for next week chart. You can vote on these songs from Monday – here is the voting page.

Jxckson – «The Low»

Austin-based artist Jxckson delivers his best lines with a smirk. His «Pop Fusion» style melds a foundation of pop music with elements from hip hop, rock and more, resulting in a fresh modern sound that still pays homage to the classic earworms of the past.

Electrosexual – «Free Yourself»

Electrosexual is the creation of Romain Frequency — the French, Berlin-based music producer and DJ — as well as a vehicle for him to explore gender, art, technology, and alternative sexualities through auditory signals. Rooted in queer politics and aesthetics, their music «is about emotional connections, not stylistic categorisations».

Mandy Rich – «Dom kallar oss odds»

Mandy Rich, the princess of Swedish hip hop and her transgender journey has attracted the attention of both media and newspapers. With her well-written lyrics woven into a poppy sound, we get to take part of her world and battle for everyone’s equal value.

Cherry Wilder  – «Taking You High»

Cherry Wilder a sparkling Dragqueen from Sweden who loves singing live and writing music!
This is Cherry Wilder debut on the «Outed On Friday» playlist and will challenge the chart from next together with other songs on the «Outed On Friday» playlist this week.

Orpheus  – «High Society»

Orpheus is a rising singer and masquerade drag artist from Washington, DC in the United States. His debut album «Life After Midnight» tells the story of his journey discovering gay life and pulls from a background of pop, musicals, and gospel to create music he hopes will bring a love for life to others in the same way music taught it to him.

This playlist are updated every Friday with new music – so it might not reflect the artists mention above. Like it, so you don’t miss out on brand new music! Only songs that is released on YouTube and Spotify can be added to the LGBTQ Music Chart.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud