Let Me Introduce You To Aaron Title

Aaron Title

Aaron Title, an independent LGBTQ bedroom/alternative pop artist from Washington, D.C.

Creating alt pop from his bedroom, Aaron Title is an independent singer, songwriter and producer who says he builds atmospheres through music. Listen for his «vibey» and far-out production and follow the songwriting for relatable stories and emotions.

Aaron says to me that his music is unapologetically queer, relating to many other queer visionaries who parlay feeling like an outsider against a refined social awareness.

He’s pushed by current trends, citing artists like Maggie Rogers, KAYTRANADA, PinkPantheress and Still Woozy as inspirations, connecting heavily with the DIY spirit.

(take a listen to Aaron Title’s «Override» below)

«Override» is his latest release, which takes sounds from the jungle/garage era, mixed with current pop production. It’s an honest, emotional track about feeling stuck, using the heavy production as an escapist outlet for those feelings.

(take a listen to Aaron Title’s top tracks below)

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