Saturday, December 10, 2022

New Gay Music «Outed On Friday!» – Week 49 – 2022

It’s the end of a work week and that means, new music are released – so here is this week’s «Outed On Friday!».

Hometime’s new single makes the yuletide even gayer!

Hometime's new single «What You Wanted (For Christmas)» has just dropped and are added to LGBTQ Music Chart - Christmas playlist.

Catch up ! LGBTQ Music Chart radio show – Week 48 – 107 Meridian FM

Did you miss last weeks edition of LGBTQ Music Chart radio show on 107 Meridian FM Saturday ? Now you can catchup and listen to it by demand.

Melodifestivalen, My Thoughts and The Result of E2 S2022 of E6

EurovisionMelodifestivalen, My Thoughts and The Result of E2 S2022 of E6

Second week with Melodifestivalen and 7 new acts competing to get to the final of Melodifestivalen ! Sweden are on the road to find their song for Eurovision 2022 in Italy!

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Liamoo – «Bluffin» 

At last he is doing Melodifestivalen as solo artist again. A good pop tune from Liamoo. He has really a chance to get to the final, maybe via Second Chance.

Niello & Lisa Ajax – «Tror du att jag bryr mig» 

Typical Swedish pop tune in pastel colours, not a winner in Melodifestivalen, but might be a winner on Swedish radio.

Samira Manners – «I Want to be Loved» 

This must be this weeks surprise, wow love that voice! Perfect pop tune ! This is final candidate ! She is half British too !

Alvaro Estrella – «Suave» 

Alvaro is back after the TikTok and Melodifestivalen hit from 2021 «Baila Baila» !  He is not disappointing at all ! It’s still latino pop and I love it !

Browsing Collection – «Face in the Crowd» 

Typical hardrock song, not a winner but might take it self to the final.

John Lundvik – «Änglavakt» 

John is back, he has previously won Melodifestivalen with «To late for love». «Änglavakt» that means angel guard, beautiful tune with meaningful lyrics. Going to the final I’m sure.

Tone Sekelius – «My Way» 

Tone are transgender woman and the first transgender that are competing in Melodifestivalen. She bringing a very catchy tune to the table and I wouldn’t be surprise that the song will become LGBTQ anthem in Sweden at least.

Result Week 2 of Melodifestivalen

21:06 CET – Liamoo – «Bluffin» directly to final of Melodifestivalen.
21:27 CET – John Lundvik – «Änglavakt» directly to final of Melodifestivalen.
21:27 CET – Tone Sekelius – «My Way» to Second Chance
21:27 CET – Alvaro Estrella – «Suave» to Second Chance



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