Melodifestivalen, My Thoughts and The Result of E3 S2022 of E6

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Melodifestivalen 2022

Second week with Melodifestivalen and 7 new acts competing to get to the final of Melodifestivalen ! Sweden are on the road to find their song for Eurovision 2022 in Italy!

This post will be updated as soon as we have heard the song. Melodifestivalen starts at 19.00 GMT / 20.00 CET.

Cazzi Opeia – «I Can’t Get Enough» 

First time in Melodifestivalen. She has written songs to BTS. Not typical Swedish pop tune, the tune is catchy.

Lancelot  – «Lyckligt Slut» 

Happy Ending or «Lyckligt Slut» in Swedish, it’s at pop ballad – beautiful refrain.

Lisa Miskovsky – «Best To Come» 

Last time Lisa was in Melodifestivalen was in 2012. Catch and beautiful pop tune. This tune will be hit on the radio at least.

Tribe Friday – «Shut Me Up» 

Garage schlager. This is something different, it has queerish vibe.

Faith Kakembo – «Freedom» 

It’s a classical ballad with a catchy refrain, but is it enough to catch the viewers vote.

Linda Bengtzing – «Fyrfaldigt Hurra!» 

8 times as solo artist in Melodifestivalen. Typical schlager song! It will be played on Swedish radio, but it’s not a winner sadly.

Anders Bagge – «Bigger Than The Universe» 

Previously judge in Swedish Idol for 12 years. Pop tune with some catchy parts. Not a winner but will be played on Swedish radio.

Result Week 3 of Melodifestivalen

21.02 – To final Anders Bagge with «Bigger Than The Universe» The artist are in chock and crying – says he has no self esteem.

21.26- To final Faith Kakembo with «Freedom»

21:26 – To second chance Lisa Miskovsky with «Best To Come»  

21:26 – To second chance Cazzi Opeia with «I Can’t Get Enough» 


Written by: Ephram St. Cloud