Chris Youmans new single «Danse»

Chris Youmans’

Los Angeles-based gay indie pop artist Chris Youmans is imagining a new dimension of pop in 2022.

«Danse» describes a moment of true release on the dancefloor, a euphoric dip into one’s own power and sensuality. The unstoppable swell of confidence that blooms in that moment of true, visceral presence. This is the epitome of «Danse» — the ultimate celebration of self.

Chris Youmans’s forthcoming EP, «Electric Love Connection», is set to launch him into an exciting new era. While his 2016 debut EP, «Make Things Right», pulled inspiration from more retro themes, this new entry leans heavily into progressive disco, house, and pop notes.

The project also marks the beginning of an exciting new collaboration with LA-based artist, producer, and close friend Daniel Bayot. Although Youmans has previously recorded, produced and released his own music, this new partnership has allowed for the exploration of new sounds and the discovery of new horizons. «Electric Love Connection» is Youmans’s most advanced iteration of his creative self to date.

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