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Catch up ! LGBTQ Music Chart radio show – Week 21 2023 – 107 Meridian FM

Did you miss last Saturday's LGBTQ Music Chart radio show on 107 Meridian FM? You can now catch up and listen to it on demand.

The official Pride song for West Pride 2023 is «I Adore Me» with Teeo

In Gothenburg on 26 May. presented West Pride, Teeo as the artist behind West Pride's official Pride song. With his song «I Adore Me», Teeo takes us on a journey of love and strength, while highlighting the challenges LGBTQI+ people face in today's society. The song has been written by Teeo together with the artist Mariette.

LGBTQ Music Chart – Week 21 – 2023

Another week with LGBTQ Music Chart and our readers has voted and this is the best playlist for Week 21 2023.

Hullah new single «Chasing Trains»

Gay MusicHullah new single «Chasing Trains»

Hullah a London-based writer-producer, today announces the release date of his sophomore single, «Chasing Trains».

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Being released via AWAL and streaming on all platforms, the atmospheric trip-hop and electronica inspired track journeys through modern-day misery and describes someone as a passenger in their own life, en route to an unknown destination.

A soundtrack to those twilight night-bus travels when your surroundings feel as if they are rushing around you while you are paused in place, Hullah comments: «I’ve often felt motionless, as if I wasn’t moving anywhere. Despite living in a big and beautiful city that is filled with opportunity, it’s hectic, unforgiving and I always feel like I’ve got somewhere to go but nowhere to be».

The track is «an attempt to make sense of the grind and chase of city life», explains Hullah. The vocal (‘the listener’) sits still in the centre, while the production (‘the world’) rushes past. He goes on to say: “The first thing I did over the drum track was sampling and processing a single guitar note; bringing a sense of detachment as it drifts above the rest of the production. I was submerged in the cold, dejected beats of trip-hop, Burial, Portishead and the 90’s tracks of Everything but the Girl during the nights I wrote and produced Chasing Trains – I wanted the synths and vocals to glide while the bass and drum track grind and jolt».

Hullah elaborates: «As a creative person, I’m always balancing my pursuit of music against maintaining relationships, staying sane and paying bills – it’s a struggle but music gives me a sense of purpose and resets my course if I’m veering off track».

«Chasing Trains» is Hullah’s follow-up single to his debut track «8 Hours», a laidback house-pop song depicting longing and lost connections caused by time zones. Often taking a visceral approach to his songwriting, he explains: «I write songs to try to understand feelings that I don’t have the words to describe, though the pursuit usually presents more questions. I’m a very conflicted person, always trying to figure out what I think and feel about something; digging to the root of who I am».

Alongside his self-titled work, Hullah continues to write with other artists, most recently Gabrielle Ornate on her recent releases «Spirit of the Times» and «Waiting To Be Found» which have been featured on BBC Radio, and Tom Robinson’s Fresh on the Net.

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