Colton Ford goes all «The Way» with me…

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Colton Ford

It seems trite to instantly define Colton Ford, gay culture renaissance man, as a former porn star.

Sure, it was a titillating moment in the artist’s long and varied career, but just a blip. 10 months to be exact. Never mind it was 20 years ago when Colton Ford hit the adult film world running, but a successful music and mainstream entertainment career came well before and endures today. The fact he was – and is – easy on the eyes is simply a bonus for us all.

Here’s a tip: Ford, at 59, continues to release new original music through Woop Woop Productions and, to the delight of many, is now back in the realm of adult entertainment … just in a whole new way. The foray, punctuated by a wildly popular OnlyFans page, keeps him sharp, present, inspired and, more than anything else, on a perfect platform to cross-promote both his «erotic» and «melodic» bodies of work.

Ford’s new single, «The Way» is an R&B ballad about a relationship and navigating difficult times to hopefully find the way through. «It’s about working through something that’s difficult and challenging, staying the course and being the better for it», says Ford to to me, who provides the topline (melody and lyrics) to «amazing» instrumental tracks developed by his creative partners Spin Sista and The Real RJS, collectively Woop Woop Productions. «We came together as a production company around two years ago, and our catalog of songs has grown significantly over that period. «The Way» is our next single, a beautiful R&B ballad with a hot little groove and a great narrative». And, of course, luscious vocals. The entire package will be rounded out by a set of remixes and a hot new video.

For the initiated, the vibe of «The Way» comes as no surprise; Ford soars when he’s threading his music with R&B and soul, a style he says has been his trademark from the days of being a signed, major label artist in the ‘90s.

Ford has been in the entertainment business for 40 years, and for the past 20 has released everything from club hits to ballads, maintaining a rock-solid fan base that continues to grow. «My partners and I are excited to get this new single out. We’ve believed in it for quite some time, and feel its release is long overdue! ‘The Way, has a lot that’ll pull you in, including some smoking remixes!».

Fans will be able to find the new single everywhere music is sold and streamed.

These days you can also find Ford on OnlyFans, stimulating us once again with an intentional double click. Within some of his erotic vids there you’ll find unreleased music, in addition to special edits of his music videos and much more exclusive content.

«OnlyFans for me is about sharing my personal experiences as well as my professional ones with a community of people from all over the globe».

Ford doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, and asks the question, «why should I?». That it’s good I think !

First time I heard about Colton Ford was the released of «Signed, Sealed, Delivered» with Pepper Mashay from his album «Naked» back in 2004 and I was hooked (sadly the album is not on Spotify) maybe 2022 version would be great ? (my wishful thinking). Loved it when Colton went all «The Way», with his new tune – why don’t you let him take you «The Way» too ? you will not regret it !

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud