Melodifestivalen, My Thoughts and The Result of E5 S2022 of E6

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Melodifestivalen 2022

Fifth week with Melodifestivalen and 8 acts has got a second chance and are competing to get to the final of Melodifestivalen ! Sweden are on the road to find their song for Eurovision 2022 in Italy!

This post will be updated as soon as there is a result. Melodifestivalen starts at 19.00 GMT / 20.00 CET.

Semi heat 1:
1. Tone Sekelius – «My way»
2.Alvaro Estrella – «Suave»
3. Danne Stråhed – «Hallabaloo»
4. Anna Bergendahl – «Higher power»

To final : Anna Bergendahl with «Higher power» and Tone Sekelius with «My way»!

Semi heat 2:
5. Theoz – «Som du vill»
6. Lisa Miskovsky – «Best to come»
7. Lillasyster – «Till our days are over»
8. Cazzi Opeia – «I can’t get enough»

To final : Theoz with «Som du vill» and Cazzi Opeia with «I can’t get enough» !

Next week it is the  big final of Melodifestivalen and then we will know who Sweden are sending to Eurovision !

Result will be published here when they are revealed by SVT.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud