Saturday, June 10, 2023

«Outed On Friday!» – Week 23 – 2023

It’s the end of a work week and that means, new music are released – so here is this week’s «Outed On Friday!».

The summer-themed anthem «Summer Is Waiting» was recorded by Robert O’Connor

With the release of his brand-new track, «Summer Is Waiting», a chill-out anthem ideal for Ibiza sunsets at Café Del Mar, Robert O'Connor is striking while the iron is hot.

Catch up ! LGBTQ Music Chart radio show – Week 22 2023 – 107 Meridian FM

Did you miss last Saturday's LGBTQ Music Chart radio show on 107 Meridian FM? You can now catch up and listen to it on demand.

Flummox Release Slayer-channeling Anti-capitalist Banger «Planet Cancer»

Gay MusicFlummox Release Slayer-channeling Anti-capitalist Banger «Planet Cancer»

Nashville-based queer / transfemme metal band Flummox have released new single «Planet Cancer».

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Revolver recently debuted the song, calling it a «Slayer-channeling anti-capitalist banger». «Planet Cancer» was written by Flummox singer/bassist Alyson Blake Dellinger when she was just 19. «It’s about capitalism and how the climate crisis is affecting the planet», she told Revolver. «Just my own existential, teenage thoughts about that sort of thing». Flummox’s new new album, «Rephlummoxed», is out April 1 on Needlejuice Records.

Formed in a rundown trailer near the garbage dump off an old Tennessee highway, Flummox has been causing audiences to fall into euphoric fits of shock for close to a decade. Branding their style as «genre fluid», the band combines twisted musical-theater tactics with avant-garde fusion and extreme metal anchored by strange hooks that stick with you well past their welcome.

Flummox caused a stir last year with trans-rights anthem, «Trans Girls Need Guns», a track that rails against anti-trans violence. The song was released on the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

Since then, the band has been hard at work on new album «Rephlummoxed», for which they have re-imagined and re-recorded some of their favourite songs from past Flummox albums. This has given the music a chance to be interpreted by the band’s impressive new expanded lineup, which includes the original core of Dellinger, guitarist and co-founder Drew Jones and drummer Alan Pfeiffer, as well as new members Max Mobarry and Chase McCutcheon on guitar, and keyboardist Jesse Peck.

Flummox was also just added to lineup for this summer’s Maryland Doom fest, and have an album-release show scheduled for April 1 in Nashville at The Basement.

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