Queer Japanese American Artist: Lush Bittersweet Soul

today06/04/2022 10

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Lisa Remar

I am very excited to tell you about the new single «Lankersham» by Japanese American queer singer/songwriter Lisa Remar.

25 year old New York City Native Lisa Remar is a Japanese American record producer and singer songwriter. She released her first EP «Still Good» in the beginning of 2021 – Lisa continues to share deeply intimate moments through her timeless songs and unmistakable singing voice.

The track is an autobiographical one for Remar who confides «I felt seriously stuck, sidetracked from my purpose. My reality had become so skewed and I’d grown into someone I wasn’t really proud of at all. My focus had insidiously shifted into staying fame adjacent. it all ended quite abruptly, ties were cut off and I was completely drained over trying so desperately hard to seem like I wasn’t trying hard at all. The song is about being unexpectedly plucked into the lives of others just to be discarded like fast fashion or a happy meal toy».

Lisa Remar has received acclaim from the likes of Billboard, MTV, LADYGUNN and more.

Her new music is even more gut wrenching than our first impressions of her – hi… the EP is an exciting, bittersweet collection that’ll have the listener singing along in the car after a long day.

«Lankersham» is off of her upcoming EP.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud