Frau Fleischer «When the sun’s down»

today20/04/2022 3

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Frau Fleischer

Frau Fleischer is a French-Italian electro pop-rock band which sound is influenced by hard rock, french core, industrial music, with references from the ’80s’ dance music and a strong cabaret print.

The imagery of the band is strong and provocative, haute couture and trashy.

This album, «When the sun’s down», testify an internal and personal research, a journey through flames and stars, rage and love. With a harsh and hypnotic rhythm, this record is electric and dark, glam and sexual.

Nine tracks that will bring you to a universe made of thorns’ crowns, high heels and fake blood, in a space between hedonism and violence, elegance and seduction. A dangerous fall into the body and the soul.

Musically, «When the sun’s down» is an EDM and synth-rock album, with influences from Metal, techno, Industrial and Cabaret, among other genres. The themes of the album revolve around a rough and violent vision of fame, sex and existence itself with references to religion, pop and queer culture.

This week Frau Fleischer‘s «Fashion» are number #32 on the LGBTQ Music Chart and are song of the week.

Listen to Frau Fleischer below.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud