Jack Tracy’s Newest Video Spotlights Domestic Violence in LGBTQ+ Relationships

today26/04/2022 3

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Jack Tracy

LGBTQ+ recording artist Jack Tracy’s latest video for his 90s-inspired mid-tempo «Close» shines a light on domestic violence in queer relationships.

«This is my best video to date, I think», Jack Tracy beams from his NYC home. In the video, Jack takes the viewer through three different settings–a dark nightclub, a heavenly bungalow and an empty warehouse where Jack and partner (Alex Pecoraro) dance around a mirror that shows the truth of the relationship.

«I wanted to capture how domestic violence is often something we learn about after the fact, that it’s something hidden to all but the couple–a secret», Jack explained. «I think there’s an added element of confusion when it’s a same-sex relationship. When a man hits a woman, society is pretty clear that this is unacceptable. But when the violence is between two men, for instance, I think there are those that don’t see it quite as black and white».

In a stunning reveal late in the video, Jack is shown severely beaten in heavy FX makeup by talented makeup artist Kelly Flores. «It was the first time I’ve ever done anything like that», Jack said. «It was so strange to see my face when it was done, and I got surprisingly emotional because it looked so real. I had to choke back a few unexpected tears because I didn’t want to ruin Kelly’s work!»

Jack traces his unexpected emotional reaction on set to his personal history with domestic violence. «I was hit by a boyfriend once and had to call the police to have him removed from my apartment, many years ago», Jack recalls. «And then more recently I was threatened with physical injury from another former partner. It appears I have a pattern».

The NYC-based artist also has a pattern of producing stunning visuals, of which «Close» is no exception. «I’ve never let perfect be the enemy of good», Jack says of his earlier work, «because you never get anywhere if you don’t start somewhere. But if perfect is the goal, I’ve gotten pretty close with ‘Close’»

Following original songs Daddy Made It, «Overdrive» and «It’s Time», as well as two EPs of cover songs in his «Intermission» series, Close was released on streaming platforms last month. Jack’s first LP in three years–Gold–will be available later this year.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud