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Music cruise brand hits the high notes creating a safe space for women

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Vessel No.9

A new music events brand launched in 2021 is the first in the sector to place emphasis and focus on a safe space for women.

CEO Rachel Baldwin, who is based in the Cotswold’s commented, «as a regular visitor to London music cruise events pre and post-pandemic, I often travelled solo and although there was never an incident which left me in doubt of my safety, I realised that with the current climate of violence against women, a real focus on declaring and enforcing a safe space for female customers could only be a positive thing. The ethos of ‘look after yourself first’ does little to expose and address the real problems facing women today, which include drink spiking – care and connection does».

Vessel No.9 is a music events company which was launched in December 2021. The core brand offering is based around 80’s nostalgic funk soul over a 5-hour day cruise on the Thames in London. Communication of the ‘safe space for women’ aspect is found on the website, and via a print and digital advertising campaign, with a roll out to the social media arms planned to coincide with the coverage. To achieve the safety aspect, a robust three-point plan will be put in place. The maiden voyage is due to sail 1st May 2022 from a central London pier.

In the post-pandemic world people are engaging with the ‘experience economy,’ and 72% of millennials prefer spending their money on experiences rather than material things, according to Eventbrite. An emotional bookmark has been etched into our brains leaving a distinct question mark over all of the things we thought we knew, and suddenly life wasn’t sticking with the script. According to Verywellmind, 79% of readers turned to music to help them cope during the pandemic.

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