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Netta Set To Perform At NYC Pride Island & White Party Palm Springs

today28/04/2022 20

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Netta releases «I Love My Nails», an anthem that rivals her Eurovision-winning breakout hit «Toy» in pure unbridled passion and empowerment.

Inspired initially by a bout of deep heartbreak, Netta uses her passion for her nails as a metaphor for the things in our lives that remind us of who we are. It’s a triumphant reclamation of the things we do just for ourselves that get us back on our feet when we are at our lowest.

Of the song, Netta said «’Loving your nails’ is about loving yourself. Painting and building my nails is self-care for me. It’s my colour therapy. It helped me this year with rejection and put the colour back in my life. I paint a picture of myself on them. I put my heart on my sleeve, they say, so I put mine on my nails».

She added, «When I was young, I used to go with my mother to the beauty salon. Beauticians are the best therapists, if you didn’t know. The process of building her nails was actually about building herself once again every week. This ritual became her medicine for her, and I guess it runs in the family. Show up for you. Love your nails. Love yourself».

Netta recently came stateside for two sold-out shows in New York and LA respectively. She also is set to appear and perform at White Party Palm Springs on May 1 and NYC Pride on June 25 over the next few months.

«I Love My Nails» is the latest track from one of the world’s most beloved quirk-pop masters – an artist that has continually redefined the boundaries of pop music with humour, versatility, creativity, and of course her powerhouse vocal ability. It follows in the one-of-a-kind footsteps of several past global smash hits from Netta including the aforementioned «Toy» (over 161 million views), as well as «Bassa Sababa» (over 239 million views), «Ricki Lake» (over 10 million views), and her most recent drop «CEO» (over 6.8 million views).

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud