Friday, September 22, 2023

Misha Singer new single «Reach For The Sky» is out !

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Misha Singer will release on 3 May 2022 her new single «Reach For The Sky».

It will be brought to you in 2 different shapes: a classic pop version crafted by Matt Pop (Kim Wilde, RuPaul…), which will bring you back to the good old days, as well as a club version arranged by Stormby (Hazell Dean, Linda Martin…) that will immediately take you to the dance floor.

If you are familiar with the German band Modern Talking, you will probably recognise Dieter Bohlen’s fingerprint, as indeed the pop titan has composed this song. The lyrics are written by Geff Harrison and the song is produced by Steve Gobin and Markus Wagner.

«My producers proposed me last summer to record ‘Reach For The Sky’ for inclusion as a bonus track on a tribute album to Dieter Bohlen’s former band Blue System. Then I posted about it on my social network pages and received so many positive comments from my fans, that my label and I decided to release it as a single», shared Misha.

Both Matt Pop and Stormby’s radio mixes will be available on all popular streaming platforms. Extended, dub and instrumental mixes will be available exclusively on Bandcamp. The Matt Pop extended version is also featured on the tribute album «10 Shades of Blue», which is available on CD

Misha Singer is born in the Czech Republic. Her music career began when she moved to Nuremberg, Germany at the age of 13. She had her first commercial success together with her band «Player’s Club» in 2007-2008. After taking a break from the music industry for a few years, in order to raise her children, she released 4 self-produced singles in 2019-2020 and made herself a name on the social networks with now over 10’000 followers. She got signed last year by Asahi Music and released Diddly Squat, a Pet Shop Boys composition.

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