Kitty Coen’s 90’s Inspired Summer Single «rotten tomatoes» Romanticises Love In A World Of Turmoil

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Kitty Coen

«Rotten Tomatoes» marries modern indie alt-pop with a 90’s rock flair while Kitty Coen surrenders herself to the love within the ever-changing world around us.

Nashville based indie alternative artist Kitty Coen embraces nostalgia on her breezy summer single, «rotten tomatoes», available 10th June 2022. Following her recent alt-rock banger, «Bad Bad Liar». Coen delivers a tender contrast to the empowering anthem with «rotten tomatoes».

This track is attuned to golden-toned optimism that soothes listeners with Coen’s ethereal vocal delivery and cascading 90’s rock guitar lines. At its core, this track is a statement on the importance of empowering yourself to be the love you want to see in the world. Coen gives listeners permission, with this track, to let go of their worries and focus on the joys they already have. This track resembles the charisma of artists like Miley Cyrus and beabadoobee blended with the nostalgic 90’s sound from bands like The Cure and The Cranberries.

Written independently by Coen, she continues demonstrating to her audience that she is an impeccable songwriter capable capturing moments in time with authenticity and a brilliant clarity; her ability to explore different styles while still staying true to her sound allows her the unique ability to flourish in a variety of genres from slow-burning pop-punk, to psychedelic rock, to 90’s alternative pop. Coen leans into the addictive electricity of a euphoric love story in the pre-chorus, «A love struck story, know it’s kind of boring / all my friends are tired of hearing about it / I’m kind of addicted, hallucinogenic / I’ll just tell my parents, don’t worry about it». She then blossoms into the sun-kissed chorus singing, «Don’t wait for love or it’ll pass by you / Don’t wait to do the right thing, It’s never the right time», meeting listeners with warmth and imploring them to embrace love while they have it. «rotten tomatoes» came together in collaboration with Justin Johnson (producer), Ian Salazer (mixing engineer), and Adam Grover (mastering engineer).

«rotten tomatoes» are available on the 10th June 2022.

While you wait you can you can play previously released songs below.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud