LovelyOcean Returns

today02/06/2022 5

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The LA based cerebral rapper returns with their first solo single in a year and it is called «The Resurrection of LO». Get ready for the release on 8th June 2022.

«The Resurrection of LO» opens dripping in vibes creating an environment for the listener to immediately escape into. LovelyOcean’s relaxed yet powerful flow snaps the ear to attention with scathing lyrics that weave in and out of a poignant story of empowerment.

This single is the follow up to «Captain Ocean» the 2021 song and music video directed by Jordan Sims.

LovelyOcean has been hard at work on this single and their new album after taking home the Best New Artist Award at the Wavy Awards in October of 2021. Their previous album LovelyOcean Forever gained international attention and major playlist placement.

A Monrovia native and up and coming hip-hop artist who not only writes all of their own lyrics but has taught them self to mix and produce their songs. They are influenced by Lil Kim, Black Moon, Souls of Mischief and more to create a sound that combines the jazzy vibes of the east coast with a west coast flavour. Gaining the attention of news outlets such as Left Bank News and SoCal Indie, LovelyOcean’s honest and poignant lyrics about life as a queer, black person are securing their place as a prominent voice of hip-hop.

«The Resurrection of LO» will be available everywhere you download and stream on 8th June 2022.

While you wait on «The Resurrection of LO», you can listen previous release tunes below.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud