Pop artist Gilbert Gauci Drops Summer Anthem «My Emergency»

today05/07/2022 41

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Gilbert Gauci

As summer is just about to begin, Gilbert is definitely taking us on a blissful euphoria. Maltese singer-songwriter Gilbert Gauci has just dropped his new single «My Emergency».

Built around uplifting melodies and earworm hooks that instantly find their way into your
head, Gilbert crafts a sound that embodies the warmth of summer nights and road trips with friends. Gilbert himself says that «When writing ‘My Emergency’, we had one clear goal in mind to get the people excited. Think of that time when you were on a road trip with your best friends, driving in the middle of nowhere and screaming and singing along to the lyrics of your favourite song. That is the feeling we wanted to create and go for. I wrote this song together with an American songwriter Eliot DeLay over Zoom during the 2021 lockdown period. We met through a common friend and just clicked immediately. Basically, we have been working together ever since».

The lyrics of the song are open to interpretation and Gilbert leaves it up to you to decide if
«My Emergency» is a break song or not! Gilbert adds «we’ve all been in a situation when
someone gives you a look and there’s an awkward silence and you have no idea what’s going on. Immediately so many thoughts start running through my head that a rush of emotions just takes over. Are we taking things to the next level or are we ending things? Those are the thoughts that start passing through my mind and that’s the exact moment we wanted to capture, and we honestly had so much fun working on it».

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud