Martina Petric and Percy Richter light up the LGBTQ + love


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Martina Petric and Percy Richter

The artist with residence in Spain and the musician located in England, featuring for the first time a song that celebrates daily love and positivity. Petric and Richter were inspired by their stories inviting us to dance, making us remember the most important: love is love, it is lightning and healing.

A dance melody produced by Petric, that gained its upbeat style from René Roco, in which the artists seek to convey more positive feelings about romanticism.

«Bringing along more awareness to our LGBTQ + community, we want to leave a message with our music. In this single we have decided it would be about love, intimacy, affection, understanding that we live in a complex society that most of the time we don’t allow us to love and be ourselves; society of which we were victims», they have said.

«If there is someone that is suffering, dealing with hate, abuse and fear, we would like them to listen to this song, understand the message, watch the video and feel a glimpse of hope, peace and affection. You are not alone, there is an enormous force that is with you».

«One More Night» video clip was recorded with a hi8 camera, directed by Martina Petric. It shows daily lives of LGBTQ+ couples bringing us closer to the intimacy and home feeling in a potent and exciting way.

«We expect that people will dance, sing and dedicate this song». «One More Night» the desire to repeat what makes us feel good every single night.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud