Thursday, September 21, 2023

African gay Pop Rock Star releases new single in September

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Ephram St. Cloud
Ephram St. Cloud
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African gay Pop Rock artist defies all odds to release a single challenging injustice in his home country, Botswana.

Coming from a country in Africa where homosexuality is dangerous, especially if you are visible; Motswaferé (29) is one of the artists that dares spark change, he was arrested for insulting someone who assaulted him and bullied him for his sexuality, got struck by anxiety and depression. He comes back with a song «Fight That Spirit», a mid-tempo Pop Rock song, aggressive vocals, hard thump beat, and 80’s inspired, drawing influences from Rick James, Tina Turner and Prince.

The new single release got Motswaferé out of a dark place, he wrote, produced, arranged and sang everything on the song since no one understands the genre in Botswana. He took 2 years off from social media and the world to write and record an album by himself. The song is due for release on the 9 September 2022 on all digital platforms. It will be released together with a music video on the same day.

It is a song that shows that we are all human, we should fight the urge to hurt and kill because of differences such as tribalism, racism and homophobia: hate crimes such as; rape, molestation and so forth.In Africa asa whole pop rock has died and Motswaferé embodies the spirit of performance through this record, daring, fearless and truthful. The song will be performed for the first time at Gaborone Pride Botswana 1 October 2022.

Motswaferé started in a local singing competition in Botswana called «My Star Botswana», in 2012, came third. He is the first Motswana to be featured on coke Studio South Africa. This is his first single on his own and his new sound, he self produces.

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