Bazz Feat. Vincent International – «Speak To Me»

today13/09/2022 21

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What pops into your head when you think of summer? Heatwaves? Sunglasses? A gorgeous all-over tan? Well this summer wouldn’t be complete without Bazz’s new feel-good anthem, «Speak To Me». One listen and you’ll be hooked on this sweet summer smash!

«Speak To Me» pays homage to 90’s Eurodance-Pop – think Aqua and the Vengaboys on the way to a party at Whigfield’s favourite club and you’re halfway there! This infectious pop stomper even has a soon-to-be-revealed dance routine, which promises to be even more addictive that Las Ketchup’s famous moves!

«Speak To Me» is the debut single from queer performer, radio host, dancer & choreographer, Bazz. Hailing from the North-East of England, Bazz is based in West Yorkshire where he runs his popular Bazzmatazz dance studio and hosts a hit weekly radio show, Bazz’s Energy Express on Phoenix FM 96.7.

Bazz has been performing for over 25 years, winning awards, working in TV and radio, and dancing at top venues all over the world. He’s also created award-winning choreography, working with huge clients including Nintendo and Kylie Minogue.

Speak To Me was written by singer / songwriter Vincent International (who also features on the track). Vincent started out in the 80s working on Smash Hits but traded writing magazine copy for writing pop songs and has racked up 140+ million music streams, 4.5+ million views on YouTube, and two hit albums – «Retro» and «Retro 2».

«Speak To Me» was produced by Spain’s Eurodance supremo, Juan Martinez, and is released on the Spanish Maxi Music Records label.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud