«Bloom» with Melanie Wehbe

today03/11/2022 4

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Melanie Wehbe

Melanie Wehbe has released debut EP «Bloom» about finding your inner strength and daring to bloom.

This spring, Melanie Wehbe’s journey for the EP «Bloom» started with the liberating and been on LGBTQ Music Chart song «Like I Do» and only a month later the beautiful single «All The Rest» was released.

Along with the track «Bloom» which was released in August, it is finally time for her debut EP of the same name to be released.

For me, it is a musical journey about finding self-acceptance, one’s inner strength and daring to blossom as a person. «Bloom» is mainly written for my little self, the scared and fragile Melanie who wanted to fit in but who also realised that the path to her happiness in life was different from the norm, says Melanie Wehbe to me.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud