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Agustín Malandra’s new ablum «Sad Bops»

today14/11/2022 6

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Agustín Malandra

«Sad Bops» is Agustín Malandra 6th official album, released today 10th Nov. It was recorded from May 2021 to last freaking week. more than 40 demos were created for this project.

Agustín Malandra decided to call it «Sad Bops» because the lyrics are sad, raw and touches subjects as political empowerment, personal struggles, mental health and trying to keep up in a world where bad things try to tear us down constantly. However, it’s beats are uptempo, divided in 3 main categories that merges and transition well: Pop/House to Punk/Rock to R&B/Latin Beats.

As always, the content was 100% autogestive, written, mixed and recorded by Malandra with some beats of some talented producers as Erlax, in the single «Las Voces En Tu Cabeza» who peaked at #05 on the LGBTQ Music Chart and charted for 20+ weeks.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud